Upper body

A unique workout programme that uses a wide variety of sportsgear: platforms, surfaces, free weights, dumbbells, etc.

This exercise-complex is focused on upper body muscles – hands, back, shoulders, abdominal muscles.

The point is, because as we walk every day, legs do get physical activity, muscle load. While the upper part of the body is less involved in our everyday lives; because of that plus a sedentary lifestyle a posture worsens, one grows belly and hands get weaker.

All of which led for this programme to appear – to even out the physical activity across the body.

Personal coach workouts

Such kind of training is the most effective approach to physical activities.

Trainer examines the condition of your body, accounts on lifestyle and your goals and picks a set of exercises for you to work with a training apparatus and a free weight exercises according to your physical capabilities.

A true coach in american fitness system motivates you energetically, empowers and supports you so that you succeed with.

Each lesson a trainer receives feedback and adapts a training program according to your needs; also, constantly monitors if you execute exercises properly and avoid injuries.

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