Yoga for beginners

Not many people know that yoga is not all about Asana’s or varieties of power yoga. The best fruits one can bear from the yoga are exclusively resulting from breathing properly and executing exercises applying the right technique. Which is exactly what “Yoga for beginners” instructor is in charge of.

This program develops flexibility, builds up muscles, extends spine and boosts one’s ability of conscious control over his/hers body.

Antigravity (Fly) Yoga

Is a sub kind of yoga executed via a help of special ceiling-tied hammocks.

The training program includes exercises coming from classic yoga, pilates, aerial and rhythmic gymnastics.

Such training builds muscles and enhances coordination and is overall a rather entertaining activity no matter what your age is.


Training based on the methodology of Joseph Pilates, held via a special equipment – “reformers”.

These are the classes held for beginners. Such training does not require special training. Exercises from this category influence posture, flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as improve overall physical condition of the body.


Pilates is a training for those who already went past “PILATES INTRO” and is acquainted with general principles of physical exertion in Pilates methodology.

Classes are also revolving around the usage of reformers, like in the “PILATES INTRO”;

These classes are of average difficultness level. They work with the entire body, contributing to the further development of one’s strength and endurance.


An intense pilates class in which one obtains admittance through a coach-moderator, who is to approve that you’ve physically progressed enough to proceed with more advanced exercises and techniques.

A fitness mat and special equipment are used for this one.

…While 83 Joseph Pilates stepped on a plank that burned through when his studio went on fire. He managed to grab a beam and hold on to his weight without falling, which was pretty amusing.

All he did throughout his life are the pilates exercises. Which is indicative of the power and endurance you can gain if you get as far as third level of difficulty.


This is a short program on further development of one’s flexibility which is a go-to recommendation after your typical intensive fitness class is over.

“STRETCH&GO” improves the condition of your joints while simultaneously helping the body relax. You could recreate the good old’ full split exactly thanks to this kind of workout.


The short stretching class mentioned above is recommended to all attendees of intensive fitness workout is designated to dodge muscle fever. Unlike it, this is a full-blown class on joints flexibility.

Every joint starting from hands and neck up to hips is going to get a quality treatment through the course of an hour. Such classes are a prophylaxis, a preventive treatment aimed at increasing your gracefulness, reducing stress levels, and returning you the forgotten sensations of your body.


Gyrokinesis is a health and fitness training based on a set of exercises from Chinese Tai-Chi gymnastics.

This program revolves around breathing exercises and a scrupulously correct technique.

The physical aspect of the program is about gentle, although systemic influence on joints and muscles executed via rhythmic undulatory movements.

Exercises as is are built around natural movements of the body: bending, twisting, circular motions and turns.

This gymnastics can be attended by children starting from 6 years old.

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