60 min long class

LesMills Bodypump is a set of intense exercises executed with a light barbell in a fast pace, with accompaniment of brisk music. Such training is highly advantageous to muscles and bones. Throughout such class a ton of calories are getting burnt, thus LesMills both for losing weight and muscle development alike.

Classes are carried out by a certified instructor using a proprietary L.M product. Bodypump is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as training that had the highest recorded amount of people simultaneously exercising to. This was made possible because of effectiveness, popularity and the relevance of the programme to modern society.


55 min long class

LesMills Bodycombat is practiced without an additional gear, it is a bodyweight exercise. Such kind of workout is highly, highly intense – one can lose up to 740 Kcal. The programme is built around fundamental movements based on certain martial arts.

With said workout can greatly alleviate stress levels, enhance coordination, the precision and swiftness of bodily motions.

This trainings’ aim is focused on arms, legs, shoulders and core.

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